Volume flow rate Unit Converter


Volume flow rate symbol " Q", base unit is Cubic Meter Per Second , volume flow rate derived from length*length*length/time.
The base unit of the volume flow rate is the cubic meters per second (m³/s). volumetric flow rate (others names: volumetric flow rate, volume flow rate, rate of fluid flow, volume velocity) symbol: (Q, V̇) is the volume of fluid that passes per unit time.

Cubic meter per second (m³/s) to Cubic foot per minute (CFM)

One cubic meter per second (m³/s) is equal to 2118.8800032893155 cubic foot per minute (CFM).

Cubic foot per minute (CFM) to Cubic foot per second (ft³/s)

One cubic foot per minute (CFM) is equal to 0.016666666666666666 cubic foot per second (ft³/s).

Cubic foot per second (ft³/s) to Cubic inch per minute (in³/min)

One cubic foot per second (ft³/s) is equal to 103680.00000000012 cubic inch per minute (in³/min).

Cubic inch per minute (in³/min) to Cubic inch per second (in³/s)

One cubic inch per minute (in³/min) is equal to 0.01666666666666665 cubic inch per second (in³/s).

Cubic inch per second (in³/s) to Gallon per day (GPD)

One cubic inch per second (in³/s) is equal to 374.0259740259731 gallon per day (GPD).

Gallon per day (GPD) to Gallon per hour (GPH)

One gallon per day (GPD) is equal to 0.0416666666666669 gallon per hour (GPH).

Gallon per hour (GPH) to Gallon per minute (GPM)

One gallon per hour (GPH) is equal to 0.016666666666666614 gallon per minute (GPM).

Gallon per minute (GPM) to Litre per minute (LPM)

One gallon per minute (GPM) is equal to 3.7854117839999244 litre per minute (LPM).


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