Luminance Unit Converter


Luminance symbol " Lᵥ", base unit is Candela Per Square Meter , luminance derived from luminousIntensity/length/length.
The luminance (Lᵥ) is the luminous flux per unit solid angle and unit source area. The SI units of the luminance are the candela per square meter.

Candela per square meter (cd/m²) to Candela per square foot (cd/ft²)

One candela per square meter (cd/m²) is equal to 0.09290303999749462 candela per square foot (cd/ft²).

Candela per square foot (cd/ft²) to Candela per square inch (cd/in²)

One candela per square foot (cd/ft²) is equal to 0.006944444444659499 candela per square inch (cd/in²).

Candela per square inch (cd/in²) to Foot-lambert (fL)

One candela per square inch (cd/in²) is equal to 452.3893421197934 foot-lambert (fL).

Foot-lambert (fL) to Lambert (L)

One foot-lambert (fL) is equal to 0.0010763910416726724 lambert (L).

Lambert (L) to Stilb (sb)

One lambert (L) is equal to 0.31830988618 stilb (sb).


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