Length Unit Converter


Length symbol " L", base unit is meter .
A unit of length is the standard for measurement of length. The metre or meter is the base unit of length in the International System of Units.

Meter (m) to Ångström (Å)

One meter (m) is equal to 10000000000 ångström (Å).

Ångström (Å) to Decimeter (dm)

One ångström (Å) is equal to 1e-9 decimeter (dm).

Decimeter (dm) to Millimeter (mm)

One decimeter (dm) is equal to 100 millimeter (mm).

Millimeter (mm) to Nanometer (nm)

One millimeter (mm) is equal to 1000000 nanometer (nm).

Nanometer (nm) to Micrometer (µm)

One nanometer (nm) is equal to 0.001 micrometer (µm).

Micrometer (µm) to Centimeter (cm)

One micrometer (µm) is equal to 0.00009999999999999999 centimeter (cm).

Centimeter (cm) to Kilometer (km)

One centimeter (cm) is equal to 0.00001 kilometer (km).

Kilometer (km) to Mile (mi)

One kilometer (km) is equal to 0.621371192237334 mile (mi).

Mile (mi) to US Survey mile (mi)

One mile (mi) is equal to 0.9999980116161385 US Survey mile (mi).

US Survey mile (mi) to Yard (yd)

One US Survey mile (mi) is equal to 1760.0034995625547 yard (yd).

Yard (yd) to Foot (ft)

One yard (yd) is equal to 3 foot (ft).

Foot (ft) to US Survey foot (ft)

One foot (ft) is equal to 0.9999980000040001 US Survey foot (ft).

US Survey foot (ft) to Inch (in)

One US Survey foot (ft) is equal to 12.000024 inch (in).

Inch (in) to Nautical mile (M)

One inch (in) is equal to 0.000013714902807775378 nautical mile (M).

Nautical mile (M) to Fathom (ftm)

One nautical mile (M) is equal to 1012.6859142607174 fathom (ftm).

Fathom (ftm) to Cable international

One fathom (ftm) is equal to 0.009874730021598273 cable international .

Cable international to Cable imperial

One cable international is equal to 0.9993524714008202 cable imperial .

Cable imperial to Cable (US)

One cable imperial is equal to 0.8444517351997667 cable (US) .

Cable (US) to Furlong (fur)

One cable (US) is equal to 1.0909090909090908 furlong (fur).

Furlong (fur) to Cubit

One furlong (fur) is equal to 447.04 cubit .

Cubit to Digitus

One cubit is equal to 24.324324324324326 digitus .

Digitus to Uncia

One digitus is equal to 0.7520325203252032 uncia .

Uncia to Palmus

One uncia is equal to 0.3324324324324325 palmus .

Palmus to Palmus major

One palmus is equal to 0.3333333333333333 palmus major .

Palmus major to Pes

One palmus major is equal to 0.75 pes .

Pes to Palmipes

One pes is equal to 0.7999999999999999 palmipes .

Palmipes to Cubitus

One palmipes is equal to 0.8333333333333333 cubitus .

Cubitus to Gradus

One cubitus is equal to 0.6 gradus .

Gradus to Passus

One gradus is equal to 0.5 passus .

Passus to Pertica

One passus is equal to 0.5 pertica .

Pertica to Actus

One pertica is equal to 0.08338028169014085 actus .

Actus to Stadium

One actus is equal to 0.1918918918918919 stadium .

Stadium to Mille passum

One stadium is equal to 0.125 mille passum .

Mille passum to Gallic leuga

One mille passum is equal to 0.6666666666666666 Gallic leuga .

Gallic leuga to Ell english

One Gallic leuga is equal to 1942.257217847769 ell english .

Ell english to Ell scotish

One ell english is equal to 1.2142549064184474 ell scotish .

Ell scotish to Chain (ch)

One ell scotish is equal to 0.04679263103475702 chain (ch).

Chain (ch) to Finger

One chain (ch) is equal to 905.1428571428571 finger .

Finger to Finger cloth

One finger is equal to 0.19444444444444445 finger cloth .

Finger cloth to Hand

One finger cloth is equal to 1.125 hand .

Hand to Rod (rd)

One hand is equal to 0.0202020202020202 rod (rd).

Rod (rd) to Rope

One rod (rd) is equal to 0.8250000000000001 rope .

Rope to Span

One rope is equal to 26.666666666666668 span .

Span to League (lea)

One span is equal to 0.00004734860253271527 league (lea).

League (lea) to Nautical league (lea)

One league (lea) is equal to 0.8689740820734342 nautical league (lea).

Nautical league (lea) to Astronomical unit (au)

One nautical league (lea) is equal to 3.713903743315508e-8 astronomical unit (au).

Astronomical unit (au) to Light-second

One astronomical unit (au) is equal to 499.01188641643546 light-second .

Light-second to Light-minute

One light-second is equal to 0.016666666666666666 light-minute .

Light-minute to Light-hour

One light-minute is equal to 0.01666666666357811 light-hour .

Light-hour to Light-day

One light-hour is equal to 0.0416666666763184 light-day .

Light-day to Light-week

One light-day is equal to 0.14285714284926387 light-week .

Light-week to Light-year (ly)

One light-week is equal to 0.01916495551009383 light-year (ly).

Light-year (ly) to Planck length (lₚ)

One light-year (ly) is equal to 5.8536915767060864e+50 Planck length (lₚ).

Planck length (lₚ) to Inverse electron volt of length (1/E)

One Planck length (lₚ) is equal to 8.204055837563452e-29 inverse electron volt of length (1/E).


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