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Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption is the amount of fuel used per unit distance, for example, litres per 100 kilometres (L/100 km).
Fuel consumption is the inverse of fuel economy. It is the amount of fuel consumed in driving a given distance. It is measured in the United States in gallons per 100 miles, and in liters per 100 kilometers in Europe and elsewhere throughout the world.

Fuel Consumption Formula

Fuel consumption is a fundamental engineering measure that is directly related to fuel consumed per 100 miles and is useful because it can be employed as a direct measure of volumetric fuel savings. It is actually fuel consumption
Divide the litres it took to refill the tank by the distance travelled and multiply by 100.
exanple: 60 litres / 800km x 100 = 7.5 litres per 100km (expressed 7.5L/100km).
To Calculate Kilometres per litre fuel economy ?
Divide the kilometres travelled by the amount of litres it took to refill the tank.
exanple: 800km / 60 litres = 13.3km per litre