Volume Unit Converter


Volume symbol " V", base unit is cubicMeter , volume derived from length*length*length.
Volume (V) is the quantity of three-dimensional space enclosed by a closed surface. a unit of volume is a unit of measurement for measuring volume or capacity.

Cubic meter (m³) to Acre-foot (ac ft)

One cubic meter (m³) is equal to 0.0008107131937899126 acre-foot (ac ft).

Acre-foot (ac ft) to Acre-inch (ac in)

One acre-foot (ac ft) is equal to 12 acre-inch (ac in).

Acre-inch (ac in) to Barrel imperial (bl)

One acre-inch (ac in) is equal to 628.0742421201516 barrel imperial (bl).

Barrel imperial (bl) to Barrel of petroleum (bl)

One barrel imperial (bl) is equal to 1.0293856504327328 barrel of petroleum (bl).

Barrel of petroleum (bl) to Barrel (US Dry) (bl)

One barrel of petroleum (bl) is equal to 1.3749872118004856 barrel (US Dry) (bl).

Barrel (US Dry) (bl) to Barrel (US Fluid) (fl bl)

One barrel (US Dry) (bl) is equal to 0.9697059884559884 barrel (US Fluid) (fl bl).

Barrel (US Fluid) (fl bl) to Board-foot (FBM)

One barrel (US Fluid) (fl bl) is equal to 50.53124999999999 board-foot (FBM).

Board-foot (FBM) to Thousand board-foot (MFBM)

One board-foot (FBM) is equal to 0.001 thousand board-foot (MFBM).

Thousand board-foot (MFBM) to Million board-foot (MMFBM)

One thousand board-foot (MFBM) is equal to 0.001 million board-foot (MMFBM).

Million board-foot (MMFBM) to Bucket (bkt)

One million board-foot (MMFBM) is equal to 129767.40539672553 bucket (bkt).

Bucket (bkt) to Bushel (imperial) (bu)

One bucket (bkt) is equal to 0.5 bushel (imperial) (bu).

Bushel (imperial) (bu) to Bushel (US Dry) (bu)

One bushel (imperial) (bu) is equal to 0.8256453947909607 bushel (US Dry) (bu).

Bushel (US Dry) (bu) to Bushel (US Dry Level) (bu)

One bushel (US Dry) (bu) is equal to 1.25 bushel (US Dry Level) (bu).

Bushel (US Dry Level) (bu) to Butt

One bushel (US Dry Level) (bu) is equal to 0.07388236102521817 butt .

Butt to Coomb

One butt is equal to 3.2786546019766436 coomb .

Coomb to Cord

One coomb is equal to 0.040135913308973016 cord .

Cord to Cord foot

One cord is equal to 8 cord foot .

Cord foot to Cubic fathom (cu fm)

One cord foot is equal to 0.07407407407407407 cubic fathom (cu fm).

Cubic fathom (cu fm) to Cubic foot (cu ft)

One cubic fathom (cu fm) is equal to 216 cubic foot (cu ft).

Cubic foot (cu ft) to Cubic inch (cu in)

One cubic foot (cu ft) is equal to 1728.0000000000002 cubic inch (cu in).

Cubic inch (cu in) to Cubic mile (cu mi)

One cubic inch (cu in) is equal to 3.9314657292494374e-15 cubic mile (cu mi).

Cubic mile (cu mi) to Cubic yard (cu yd)

One cubic mile (cu mi) is equal to 5451776000 cubic yard (cu yd).

Cubic yard (cu yd) to Cup (breakfast cup) (c)

One cubic yard (cu yd) is equal to 2690.856918306501 cup (breakfast cup) (c).

Cup (breakfast cup) (c) to Cup (CA) (c)

One cup (breakfast cup) (c) is equal to 1.25 cup (CA) (c).

Cup (CA) (c) to Cup (metric) (c)

One cup (CA) (c) is equal to 0.9092180000000001 cup (metric) (c).

Cup (metric) (c) to Cup (usCustomary) (c)

One cup (metric) (c) is equal to 1.0566882094325936 cup (usCustomary) (c).

Cup (usCustomary) (c) to Cup (usFoodNutrition) (c)

One cup (usCustomary) (c) is equal to 0.98578431875 cup (usFoodNutrition) (c).

Cup (usFoodNutrition) (c) to Dash imperial

One cup (usFoodNutrition) (c) is equal to 648.7157095438057 dash imperial .

Dash imperial to Dash (US)

One dash imperial is equal to 1.200949925504855 dash (US) .

Dash (US) to Dessertspoon (dstspn.)

One dash (US) is equal to 0.030805759960937495 dessertspoon (dstspn.).

Dessertspoon (dstspn.) to Drop imperial (drop)

One dessertspoon (dstspn.) is equal to 101.36182961621967 drop imperial (drop).

Drop imperial (drop) to Drop medical

One drop imperial (drop) is equal to 1.1881549620776723 drop medical .

Drop medical to Drop metric

One drop medical is equal to 1.6606666666 drop metric .

Drop metric to Drop (US)

One drop metric is equal to 0.6086524086331739 drop (US) .

Drop (US) to Fifth

One drop (US) is equal to 0.00010850694444444445 fifth .

Fifth to Firkin

One fifth is equal to 0.018503870769533085 firkin .

Firkin to Fluid drachm (fl dr)

One firkin is equal to 11520 fluid drachm (fl dr).

Fluid drachm (fl dr) to Fluid dram (fl dr)

One fluid drachm (fl dr) is equal to 0.9607599404038839 fluid dram (fl dr).

Fluid dram (fl dr) to Fluid scruple (fl s)

One fluid dram (fl dr) is equal to 3.122528192358708 fluid scruple (fl s).

Fluid scruple (fl s) to Beer gallon (beer gal)

One fluid scruple (fl s) is equal to 0.0002561866806955725 beer gallon (beer gal).

Beer gallon (beer gal) to Gallon imperial (gal)

One beer gallon (beer gal) is equal to 1.01651134227435 gallon imperial (gal).

Gallon imperial (gal) to Gallon (US Dry) (gal)

One gallon imperial (gal) is equal to 1.0320567434887007 gallon (US Dry) (gal).

Gallon (US Dry) (gal) to Gallon (US Fluid) (gal)

One gallon (US Dry) (gal) is equal to 1.1636471861471862 gallon (US Fluid) (gal).

Gallon (US Fluid) (gal) to Gill imperial (gi)

One gallon (US Fluid) (gal) is equal to 26.645573908127645 gill imperial (gi).

Gill imperial (gi) to Gill (US) (gi)

One gill imperial (gi) is equal to 1.2009499255048548 gill (US) (gi).

Gill (US) (gi) to Hogshead (hhd)

One gill (US) (gi) is equal to 0.00036140372596744306 hogshead (hhd).

Hogshead (hhd) to Hogshead (US) (hhd)

One hogshead (hhd) is equal to 1.3725142005769773 hogshead (US) (hhd).

Hogshead (US) (hhd) to Kilderkin

One hogshead (US) (hhd) is equal to 2.9143596462014605 kilderkin .

Kilderkin to Lambda (λ)

One kilderkin is equal to 81829620 lambda (λ).

Lambda (λ) to Last

One lambda (λ) is equal to 3.437019504673247e-10 last .

Last to Litre (L)

One last is equal to 2909.4975999999997 litre (L).

Litre (L) to Load

One litre (L) is equal to 0.0007062933344297718 load .

Load to Minim (min)

One load is equal to 23918728.162724454 minim (min).

Minim (min) to Minim (US) (min)

One minim (min) is equal to 0.9607599404038838 minim (US) (min).

Minim (US) (min) to Fluid ounce (fl oz)

One minim (US) (min) is equal to 0.0021684223558046585 fluid ounce (fl oz).

Fluid ounce (fl oz) to Fluid ounce (US Customary) (fl oz)

One fluid ounce (fl oz) is equal to 0.9607599404038839 fluid ounce (US Customary) (fl oz).

Fluid ounce (US Customary) (fl oz) to Fluid ounce (US FoodNutrition) (fl oz)

One fluid ounce (US Customary) (fl oz) is equal to 0.98578431875 fluid ounce (US FoodNutrition) (fl oz).

Fluid ounce (US FoodNutrition) (fl oz) to Peck (pk)

One fluid ounce (US FoodNutrition) (fl oz) is equal to 0.0032995387244863167 peck (pk).

Peck (pk) to Peck (US Dry) (pk)

One peck (pk) is equal to 1.0320567434887007 peck (US Dry) (pk).

Peck (US Dry) (pk) to Perch (per)

One peck (US Dry) (pk) is equal to 0.012570262813318368 perch (per).

Perch (per) to Pinch (pn)

One perch (per) is equal to 947181.6352438882 pinch (pn).

Pinch (pn) to Pinch (US) (pn)

One pinch (pn) is equal to 1.200949925504855 pinch (US) (pn).

Pinch (US) (pn) to Pint (pt)

One pinch (US) (pn) is equal to 0.0010842111779023292 pint (pt).

Pint (pt) to Pint (US Dry) (pt)

One pint (pt) is equal to 1.0320567434887007 pint (US Dry) (pt).

Pint (US Dry) (pt) to Pint (US Fluid) (pt)

One pint (US Dry) (pt) is equal to 1.1636471861471862 pint (US Fluid) (pt).

Pint (US Fluid) (pt) to Pony

One pint (US Fluid) (pt) is equal to 21.333333333333336 pony .

Pony to Pottle

One pony is equal to 0.009757900601120964 pottle .

Pottle to Quart (qt)

One pottle is equal to 2 quart (qt).

Quart (qt) to Quart (US Dry) (qt)

One quart (qt) is equal to 1.0320567434887007 quart (US Dry) (qt).

Quart (US Dry) (qt) to Quart (US fluid) (qt)

One quart (US Dry) (qt) is equal to 1.1636471861471862 quart (US fluid) (qt).

Quart (US fluid) (qt) to Pail

One quart (US fluid) (qt) is equal to 0.003252633533706988 pail .

Pail to Register ton (GRT)

One pail is equal to 0.10274793807097092 register ton (GRT).

Register ton (GRT) to Sack

One register ton (GRT) is equal to 25.95348107934511 sack .

Sack to Sack (US)

One sack is equal to 1.0320567434887007 sack (US) .

Sack (US) to Seam

One sack (US) is equal to 0.375 seam .

Seam to Shot

One seam is equal to 6407.103666705455 shot .

Shot to Strike

One shot is equal to 0.0006049154328224914 strike .

Strike to Strike (US)

One strike is equal to 1.0320567434887007 strike (US) .

Strike (US) to Tablespoon Australian (tbsp)

One strike (US) is equal to 3523.9070166879997 tablespoon Australian (tbsp).

Tablespoon Australian (tbsp) to Tablespoon (CA) (tbsp)

One tablespoon Australian (tbsp) is equal to 1.4078031891141618 tablespoon (CA) (tbsp).

Tablespoon (CA) (tbsp) to Tablespoon imperial (tbsp)

One tablespoon (CA) (tbsp) is equal to 0.8 tablespoon imperial (tbsp).

Tablespoon imperial (tbsp) to Tablespoon metric (tbsp)

One tablespoon imperial (tbsp) is equal to 1.1838776041666665 tablespoon metric (tbsp).

Tablespoon metric (tbsp) to Tablespoon (US Customary) (tbsp)

One tablespoon metric (tbsp) is equal to 1.014420680969536 tablespoon (US Customary) (tbsp).

Tablespoon (US Customary) (tbsp) to Tablespoon (US FoodNutrition) (tbsp)

One tablespoon (US Customary) (tbsp) is equal to 0.9857843188333333 tablespoon (US FoodNutrition) (tbsp).

Tablespoon (US FoodNutrition) (tbsp) to Teaspoon (CA) (tsp)

One tablespoon (US FoodNutrition) (tbsp) is equal to 3.167557175506862 teaspoon (CA) (tsp).

Teaspoon (CA) (tsp) to Teaspoon imperial (tsp)

One teaspoon (CA) (tsp) is equal to 0.8000000000000007 teaspoon imperial (tsp).

Teaspoon imperial (tsp) to Teaspoon metric (tsp)

One teaspoon imperial (tsp) is equal to 1.1838776041666665 teaspoon metric (tsp).

Teaspoon metric (tsp) to Teaspoon (US Customary) (tsp)

One teaspoon metric (tsp) is equal to 1.0144206807980276 teaspoon (US Customary) (tsp).

Teaspoon (US Customary) (tsp) to Teaspoon (US FoodNutrition) (tsp)

One teaspoon (US Customary) (tsp) is equal to 0.985784319 teaspoon (US FoodNutrition) (tsp).

Teaspoon (US FoodNutrition) (tsp) to Ton displacement (ton (disp))

One teaspoon (US FoodNutrition) (tsp) is equal to 0.0000050449523887840845 ton displacement (ton (disp)).

Ton displacement (ton (disp)) to Ton of freight (ton)

One ton displacement (ton (disp)) is equal to 0.875 ton of freight (ton).

Ton of freight (ton) to Ton of water (ton)

One ton of freight (ton) is equal to 1.1122920462576475 ton of water (ton).

Ton of water (ton) to Tun (tu)

One ton of water (ton) is equal to 1.0675110448932044 tun (tu).

Tun (tu) to Wey

One tun (tu) is equal to 0.6767515183080515 wey .

Wey to Ligula

One wey is equal to 123645.86023466667 ligula .

Ligula to Cyathus

One ligula is equal to 0.2533333333333333 cyathus .

Cyathus to Acetabulum

One cyathus is equal to 0.661764705882353 acetabulum .

Acetabulum to Quartarius

One acetabulum is equal to 0.5 quartarius .

Quartarius to Hemina

One quartarius is equal to 0.4981684981684981 hemina .

Hemina to Sextarius

One hemina is equal to 0.5 sextarius .

Sextarius to Congius

One sextarius is equal to 0.1669724770642202 congius .

Congius to Urna

One congius is equal to 0.249618320610687 urna .

Urna to Amphora quadrantal

One urna is equal to 0.5 amphora quadrantal .

Amphora quadrantal to Culeus

One amphora quadrantal is equal to 0.05 culeus .

Culeus to Semimodius

One culeus is equal to 120.18348623853211 semimodius .

Semimodius to Modius

One semimodius is equal to 0.49942726231386025 modius .

Modius to Modius castrensis

One modius is equal to 0.6674311926605505 modius castrensis .

Modius castrensis to Planck volume (l³ₚ)

One modius castrensis is equal to 3.0982779449037117e+102 Planck volume (l³ₚ).