torque Unit Converter


Torque symbol " τ", base unit is newtonMeter , torque derived from mass*length*length/time/time.

Torque (symbol: τ) is the rotational equivalent of linear force. The base unit of torque is the Newton meter (N·m).

newton meter (N·m) To foot-pound force (ft lbf)

One newton meter (N·m) is equal to 0.7375621492772654 foot-pound force (ft lbf).

foot-pound force (ft lbf) To foot-poundal (ft pdl)

One foot-pound force (ft lbf) is equal to 32.17404855643045 foot-poundal (ft pdl).

foot-poundal (ft pdl) To inch-pound force (in lbf)

One foot-poundal (ft pdl) is equal to 0.372971402058807 inch-pound force (in lbf).

inch-pound force (in lbf) To meter-kilogram (m·kg)

One inch-pound force (in lbf) is equal to 1.1080026768194329 meter-kilogram (m·kg).