Time Unit Converter


Time symbol " T", base unit is second .
A unit of time, used as a standard way of measuring or expressing duration. The base unit of time in the International System of Units (SI), is the second, defined as about 9 billion oscillations of the caesium atom.

Second (s) to Milliseconds (ms)

One second (s) is equal to 1000 milliseconds (ms).

Milliseconds (ms) to Microseconds (μs)

One milliseconds (ms) is equal to 1000.0000000000001 microseconds (μs).

Microseconds (μs) to Nanoseconds (ns)

One microseconds (μs) is equal to 999.9999999999999 nanoseconds (ns).

Nanoseconds (ns) to Minute (min)

One nanoseconds (ns) is equal to 1.6666666666666667e-11 minute (min).

Minute (min) to Hour (h)

One minute (min) is equal to 0.016666666666666666 hour (h).

Hour (h) to Day (d)

One hour (h) is equal to 0.041666666666666664 day (d).

Day (d) to Week (wk)

One day (d) is equal to 0.14285714285714285 week (wk).

Week (wk) to Month

One week (wk) is equal to 0.2299794661190965 month .

Month to Year (yr)

One month is equal to 0.08333333333333333 year (yr).

Year (yr) to Common year (common yr)

One year (yr) is equal to 1.0006849315068493 common year (common yr).

Common year (common yr) to Leap year (leap yr)

One common year (common yr) is equal to 0.9972677595628415 leap year (leap yr).

Leap year (leap yr) to Gregorian year (yr)

One leap year (leap yr) is equal to 1.0020739645577939 Gregorian year (yr).

Gregorian year (yr) to Tropical year (yr)

One Gregorian year (yr) is equal to 1.0000008487518925 tropical year (yr).

Tropical year (yr) to Ke

One tropical year (yr) is equal to 36524.219 ke .

Ke to Decade

One ke is equal to 0.000002737850787132101 decade .

Decade to Century (C)

One decade is equal to 0.1 century (C).

Century (C) to Millennium (M)

One century (C) is equal to 0.1 millennium (M).

Millennium (M) to Minuta

One millennium (M) is equal to 21915000 minuta .

Minuta to Secunda

One minuta is equal to 60 secunda .