Mass Unit Converter


Mass symbol " M", base unit is kilogram .
The kilogram (kg) is The basic SI unit of mass.

Kilogram (kg) to Grave (G)

One kilogram (kg) is equal to 1 grave (G).

Grave (G) to Microgram (μg)

One grave (G) is equal to 999999999.9999999 microgram (μg).

Microgram (μg) to Milligram (mg)

One microgram (μg) is equal to 0.001 milligram (mg).

Milligram (mg) to Gram (g)

One milligram (mg) is equal to 0.001 gram (g).

Gram (g) to Hectogram (hg)

One gram (g) is equal to 0.01 hectogram (hg).

Hectogram (hg) to Ounce (oz)

One hectogram (hg) is equal to 3.5273961949580412 ounce (oz).

Ounce (oz) to Pound (lb)

One ounce (oz) is equal to 0.0625 pound (lb).

Pound (lb) to Stone (st)

One pound (lb) is equal to 0.07142857142857142 stone (st).

Stone (st) to Long ton (UK) (long ton (UK))

One stone (st) is equal to 0.00625 long ton (UK) (long ton (UK)).

Long ton (UK) (long ton (UK)) to Short ton (US) (short ton (US))

One long ton (UK) (long ton (UK)) is equal to 1.1199999999999999 short ton (US) (short ton (US)).

Short ton (US) (short ton (US)) to Tonne (t)

One short ton (US) (short ton (US)) is equal to 0.90718474 tonne (t).

Tonne (t) to Grain (gr)

One tonne (t) is equal to 15432358.352941431 grain (gr).

Grain (gr) to Mite

One grain (gr) is equal to 20 mite .

Mite to Carat (ct)

One mite is equal to 0.0161997275 carat (ct).

Carat (ct) to Pennyweight (dwt)

One carat (ct) is equal to 0.12860298627451192 pennyweight (dwt).

Pennyweight (dwt) to Long hundredweight (cwt)

One pennyweight (dwt) is equal to 0.00003061224516309237 long hundredweight (cwt).

Long hundredweight (cwt) to Short hundredweight (sh cwt)

One long hundredweight (cwt) is equal to 1.1199999902996605 short hundredweight (sh cwt).

Short hundredweight (sh cwt) to Kip (kip)

One short hundredweight (sh cwt) is equal to 0.09999999999999999 kip (kip).

Kip (kip) to Atomic mass unit (amu)

One kip (kip) is equal to 2.7315973390580555e+29 atomic mass unit (amu).

Atomic mass unit (amu) to Electron mass (mₑ)

One atomic mass unit (amu) is equal to 1822.888636755348 electron mass (mₑ).

Electron mass (mₑ) to Siliqua

One electron mass (mₑ) is equal to 4.794411660263157e-27 siliqua .

Siliqua to Obolus

One siliqua is equal to 0.33333333333333337 obolus .

Obolus to Scrupulum

One obolus is equal to 0.5 scrupulum .

Scrupulum to Semisextula

One scrupulum is equal to 0.5 semisextula .

Semisextula to Sextula

One semisextula is equal to 0.49890590809628005 sextula .

Sextula to Sicilicius

One sextula is equal to 0.6671532846715329 sicilicius .

Sicilicius to Duella

One sicilicius is equal to 0.74945295404814 duella .

Duella to Semuncia

One duella is equal to 0.6671532846715329 semuncia .

Semuncia to Uncia

One semuncia is equal to 0.5 uncia .

Uncia to Secuncia

One uncia is equal to 0.6666666666666667 secuncia .

Secuncia to Sextans

One secuncia is equal to 0.7499999999999999 sextans .

Sextans to Quadrans

One sextans is equal to 0.6666666666666667 quadrans .

Quadrans to Triens

One quadrans is equal to 0.7499999999999999 triens .

Triens to Quincunx

One triens is equal to 0.7999999999999999 quincunx .

Quincunx to Semis

One quincunx is equal to 0.8328267477203648 semis .

Semis to Septunx

One semis is equal to 0.8572173006774363 septunx .

Septunx to Bes

One septunx is equal to 0.8750569995440036 bes .

Bes to Dodrans

One bes is equal to 0.8889339278475882 dodrans .

Dodrans to Dextans

One dodrans is equal to 0.9000364830353885 dextans .

Dextans to Deunx

One dextans is equal to 0.9091210613598674 deunx .

Deunx to Libra

One deunx is equal to 0.9166920036485253 libra .

Libra to Planck mass (mₚ)

One libra is equal to 15111347.983698675 Planck mass (mₚ).

Planck mass (mₚ) to Electron volt of mass (E)

One Planck mass (mₚ) is equal to 1.222758426966292e+28 electron volt of mass (E).


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