Kinematic viscosity Unit Converter


Kinematic viscosity symbol " ν", base unit is Square Meter Per Second , kinematic viscosity derived from length*length/time.
The SI unit for kinematic viscosity (symbol: ν) is square meters per second (m²/s).

Square meter per second (m²/s) to Stokes (St)

One square meter per second (m²/s) is equal to 10000 stokes (St).

Stokes (St) to Centistokes (cSt)

One stokes (St) is equal to 100.00000000000001 centistokes (cSt).

Centistokes (cSt) to Square centimeter per second (cm²/s)

One centistokes (cSt) is equal to 0.009999999999999998 square centimeter per second (cm²/s).

Square centimeter per second (cm²/s) to Square foot per second (ft²/s)

One square centimeter per second (cm²/s) is equal to 0.0010763910416709721 square foot per second (ft²/s).

Square foot per second (ft²/s) to Poise cubic foot per pound (P ft³ lb-1)

One square foot per second (ft²/s) is equal to 14.881639573037466 poise cubic foot per pound (P ft³ lb-1).