Force Unit Converter


Force symbol " F", base unit is newton , force derived from mass*length/time/time.
The Force SI base unit is the Newtons (N). Force has the dimension length mass per time squared. Newton defined as a kilogram meter per second squared.

Newton (N) to Atomic unit of force (Eh/a0)

One newton (N) is equal to 12137804.779883545 atomic unit of force (Eh/a0).

Atomic unit of force (Eh/a0) to Dyne (dyn)

One atomic unit of force (Eh/a0) is equal to 0.008238722059999998 dyne (dyn).

Dyne (dyn) to Kilogram force (kgf)

One dyne (dyn) is equal to 0.0000010197162129779284 kilogram force (kgf).

Kilogram force (kgf) to Kip (kip)

One kilogram force (kgf) is equal to 0.002204622621848776 kip (kip).

Kip (kip) to Milligrave force (mGf)

One kip (kip) is equal to 453592.36999999994 milligrave force (mGf).

Milligrave force (mGf) to Ounce force (ozf)

One milligrave force (mGf) is equal to 0.035273961949580414 ounce force (ozf).

Ounce force (ozf) to Pound force (lbf)

One ounce force (ozf) is equal to 0.0625 pound force (lbf).

Pound force (lbf) to Poundal (pdl)

One pound force (lbf) is equal to 32.17404855643044 poundal (pdl).

Poundal (pdl) to Sthène (sn)

One poundal (pdl) is equal to 0.000138254954376 sthène (sn).

Sthène (sn) to Short ton-force (tf)

One sthène (sn) is equal to 0.11240447154985525 short ton-force (tf).

Short ton-force (tf) to Planck force (Fₚ)

One short ton-force (tf) is equal to 7.350792162510018e-41 Planck force (Fₚ).