Electric potential Unit Converter


Electric potential symbol " φ", base unit is volt , electric potential derived from mass*length*length/electricCurrent/time/time/time.
The volt (symbol: V) is the base unit for electric potential (electric field potential, potential drop, the electrostatic potential).

Volt (V) to Statvolt (statV)

One volt (V) is equal to 0.0033356409519815205 statvolt (statV).

Statvolt (statV) to Abvolt (abV)

One statvolt (statV) is equal to 29979245800 abvolt (abV).

Abvolt (abV) to Planck voltage (Vₚ)

One abvolt (abV) is equal to 9.588187353180881e-36 Planck voltage (Vₚ).