Electric current Unit Converter


Electric current symbol " I", base unit is ampere .
The SI unit of electric current is the ampere or amp, Electric current, The base unit of electric current is the ampere (amp).

Ampere (A) to Abampere (abamp)

One ampere (A) is equal to 0.1 abampere (abamp).

Abampere (abamp) to Statampere (statA)

One abampere (abamp) is equal to 29979245368.431435 statampere (statA).

Statampere (statA) to Biot (Bi)

One statampere (statA) is equal to 3.335641e-11 biot (Bi).

Biot (Bi) to Centiampere

One biot (Bi) is equal to 1000 centiampere .

Centiampere to Coulomb/second

One centiampere is equal to 0.01 coulomb/second .

Coulomb/second to Gigaampere

One coulomb/second is equal to 1e-9 gigaampere .

Gigaampere to Gilbert (Gi)

One gigaampere is equal to 1256637062.00358 gilbert (Gi).

Gilbert (Gi) to Kiloampere (kA)

One gilbert (Gi) is equal to 0.0007957747151 kiloampere (kA).

Kiloampere (kA) to Megaampere

One kiloampere (kA) is equal to 0.001 megaampere .

Megaampere to Milliampere (mA)

One megaampere is equal to 1000000000 milliampere (mA).

Milliampere (mA) to Volt/ohm

One milliampere (mA) is equal to 0.001 volt/ohm .

Volt/ohm to Watt/volt

One volt/ohm is equal to 1 watt/volt .

Watt/volt to Weber/henry

One watt/volt is equal to 1 weber/henry .

Weber/henry to Planck current (Iₚ)

One weber/henry is equal to 2.874471815803846e-26 Planck current (Iₚ).