Data storage Unit Converter


Data storage symbol " i", base unit is bit .
Data storage or information is the capacity of system information The most commonly used units of data storage capacity are the bit.

Bit (b) to Nibble

One bit (b) is equal to 0.25 nibble .

Nibble to Byte (B)

One nibble is equal to 0.5 byte (B).

Byte (B) to Word

One byte (B) is equal to 0.5 word .

Word to MAPM-word

One word is equal to 0.5 MAPM-word .

MAPM-word to Quadruple-word

One MAPM-word is equal to 0.5 quadruple-word .

Quadruple-word to Block

One quadruple-word is equal to 0.015625 block .

Block to Kilobit (kb)

One block is equal to 4 kilobit (kb).

Kilobit (kb) to Kilobyte (kB)

One kilobit (kb) is equal to 0.125 kilobyte (kB).

Kilobyte (kB) to Prefix kilobyte (10³ bytes)

One kilobyte (kB) is equal to 1.024 prefix kilobyte (10³ bytes).

Prefix kilobyte (10³ bytes) to Megabit (Mbit)

One prefix kilobyte (10³ bytes) is equal to 0.00762939453125 megabit (Mbit).

Megabit (Mbit) to Megabyte (MB)

One megabit (Mbit) is equal to 0.125 megabyte (MB).

Megabyte (MB) to Prefix megabyte (MB (10⁶ bytes))

One megabyte (MB) is equal to 1.048576 prefix megabyte (MB (10⁶ bytes)).

Prefix megabyte (MB (10⁶ bytes)) to Gigabit (Gbit)

One prefix megabyte (MB (10⁶ bytes)) is equal to 0.007450580596923828 gigabit (Gbit).

Gigabit (Gbit) to Gigabyte (GB)

One gigabit (Gbit) is equal to 0.125 gigabyte (GB).

Gigabyte (GB) to Prefix gigabyte ((GB) 10⁹ bytes)

One gigabyte (GB) is equal to 1.073741824 prefix gigabyte ((GB) 10⁹ bytes).

Prefix gigabyte ((GB) 10⁹ bytes) to Terabit (Tb)

One prefix gigabyte ((GB) 10⁹ bytes) is equal to 0.007275957612701119 terabit (Tb).

Terabit (Tb) to Terabyte (TB)

One terabit (Tb) is equal to 0.1250000000284217 terabyte (TB).

Terabyte (TB) to Prefix terabyte (10¹² bytes)

One terabyte (TB) is equal to 1.09951162775 prefix terabyte (10¹² bytes).

Prefix terabyte (10¹² bytes) to Petabit (Pb)

One prefix terabyte (10¹² bytes) is equal to 0.00710542735660782 petabit (Pb).

Petabit (Pb) to Petabyte (PB)

One petabit (Pb) is equal to 0.1250000000138778 petabyte (PB).

Petabyte (PB) to Prefix petabyte (10¹⁵ bytes)

One petabyte (PB) is equal to 1.125899906875 prefix petabyte (10¹⁵ bytes).

Prefix petabyte (10¹⁵ bytes) to Exabit (Eb)

One prefix petabyte (10¹⁵ bytes) is equal to 0.006938893901541025 exabit (Eb).

Exabit (Eb) to Exabyte (EB)

One exabit (Eb) is equal to 0.1250000000406576 exabyte (EB).

Exabyte (EB) to Prefix exabyte (10¹⁸ bytes)

One exabyte (EB) is equal to 1.1529215046249999 prefix exabyte (10¹⁸ bytes).