Area Unit Converter


Area symbol " A", base unit is Square meter , area derived from length*length.
Square meter (m²) is the base unit of area (A) in the International System of Units (SI).

Square meter (m²) to Square inch (in²)

One square meter (m²) is equal to 1550.0031000062002 square inch (in²).

Square inch (in²) to Square foot (ft²)

One square inch (in²) is equal to 0.006944444444444444 square foot (ft²).

Square foot (ft²) to Square yard (yd²)

One square foot (ft²) is equal to 0.11111111111111112 square yard (yd²).

Square yard (yd²) to Square mile (mi²)

One square yard (yd²) is equal to 3.2283057851239667e-7 square mile (mi²).

Square mile (mi²) to Are (a)

One square mile (mi²) is equal to 25899.88110336 are (a).

Are (a) to Decare (daa)

One are (a) is equal to 0.1 decare (daa).

Decare (daa) to Hectare (ha)

One decare (daa) is equal to 0.1 hectare (ha).

Hectare (ha) to Acre (ac)

One hectare (ha) is equal to 2.471053814671653 acre (ac).

Acre (ac) to Square rod (sq rd)

One acre (ac) is equal to 160 square rod (sq rd).

Square rod (sq rd) to Square perche

One square rod (sq rd) is equal to 0.5992147036247335 square perche .

Square perche to Rood

One square perche is equal to 0.041721272606916195 rood .

Rood to Stremma

One rood is equal to 1.0117141056 stremma .

Stremma to Barn (b)

One stremma is equal to 1.0000000000000001e+31 barn (b).

Barn (b) to Pes quadratus

One barn (b) is equal to 1.1415525114155252e-27 pes quadratus .

Pes quadratus to Scrupulum

One pes quadratus is equal to 0.01 scrupulum .

Scrupulum to Actus simplex

One scrupulum is equal to 0.20807600950118763 actus simplex .

Actus simplex to Uncia

One actus simplex is equal to 0.20047619047619047 uncia .

Uncia to Clima

One uncia is equal to 0.6666666666666666 clima .

Clima to Actus quadratus

One clima is equal to 0.24960380348652933 actus quadratus .

Actus quadratus to Jugerum

One actus quadratus is equal to 0.5001981767736822 jugerum .

Jugerum to Heredium

One jugerum is equal to 0.49990093124628493 heredium .

Heredium to Centuria

One heredium is equal to 0.01 centuria .

Centuria to Saltus

One centuria is equal to 0.24997523526498266 saltus .

Saltus to Dimidium scrupulum

One saltus is equal to 460958.90410958906 dimidium scrupulum .

Dimidium scrupulum to Duo scrupula

One dimidium scrupulum is equal to 0.2502857142857143 duo scrupula .

Duo scrupula to Sextula

One duo scrupula is equal to 0.5 sextula .

Sextula to Sicilicus

One sextula is equal to 0.6653992395437263 sicilicus .

Sicilicus to Semiuncia

One sicilicus is equal to 0.5009523809523809 semiuncia .

Semiuncia to Sextans

One semiuncia is equal to 0.2494061757719715 sextans .

Sextans to Quadrans

One sextans is equal to 0.6671949286846276 quadrans .

Quadrans to Triens

One quadrans is equal to 0.7502972651605232 triens .

Triens to Quincunx

One triens is equal to 0.8001902949571836 quincunx .

Quincunx to Septunx

One quincunx is equal to 0.7139945652173914 septunx .

Septunx to Bes

One septunx is equal to 0.8751486325802615 bes .

Bes to Dodrans

One bes is equal to 0.8885367142102483 dodrans .

Dodrans to Dextans

One dodrans is equal to 0.9001426533523538 dextans .

Dextans to Deunx

One dextans is equal to 0.9092088197146563 deunx .

Deunx to Planck area (l²ₚ)

One deunx is equal to 8.854944297691513e+72 Planck area (l²ₚ).