Plane angle Unit Converter


Plane angle symbol " θ", base unit is radian .
Plane angles have been measured in many different units. The most contemporary units are the degree ( ° ) and radian (rad), but many others have been used throughout history.

Radian (rad) to Mil (µ)

One radian (rad) is equal to 1018.5913289357351 mil (µ).

Mil (µ) to Minute of arc (')

One mil (µ) is equal to 3.375003437749237 minute of arc (').

Minute of arc (') to Second of arc (")

One minute of arc (') is equal to 59.99995462174439 second of arc (").

Second of arc (") to Centesimal minute of arc (')

One second of arc (") is equal to 0.03086412655971479 centesimal minute of arc (').

Centesimal minute of arc (') to Centesimal second of arc (")

One centesimal minute of arc (') is equal to 100.00025464796194 centesimal second of arc (").

Centesimal second of arc (") to Degree (°)

One centesimal second of arc (") is equal to 0.00008999997880056216 degree (°).

Degree (°) to Grad

One degree (°) is equal to 1.1111111606259834 grad .

Grad to Octant

One grad is equal to 0.020000003819719427 octant .

Octant to Quadrant

One octant is equal to 0.5 quadrant .

Quadrant to Sextant

One quadrant is equal to 1.4999990450707508 sextant .

Sextant to Sign

One sextant is equal to 2 sign .